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Presenting workshops to Basic Adult Learners on how to be an empowered consumer, giving a talk at a community center on how to avoid scams and protect your identity, leading a seminar at a public library on empowering consumers in an ever-changing marketplace – these are just some of the things that our donors have helped us accomplish this past year.

Advocating for your rights as a consumer is no longer an easy task. Massachusetts residents need education to become empowered consumers. Our website, blog, and printed materials strive to do that, but we also need you, our donors, who are our best partners in educating Massachusetts residents.  Your gift allows us to reach out to those who may not otherwise be protected or empowered.  Please CLICK HERE to make your tax-deductible donation now.  We thank you for your support.
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Dear Consumer Gals,

I recently tried to use a gift card at a local nail salon. I called to make an appointment and was told that I had to give them my
credit card number before they would give me an appointment.  When I asked why, the response was they needed to set up a profile for me.

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