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CEI presents car buying workshops

(September 29th, 2015)  “How to be an empowered car buyer,” a new workshop from Consumers Empowered, was recently presented at the Blue Hills ESOL program in Norwood and at the Adult Secondary Education Program in Canton.  The workshop provides information to put consumers in the driver's seat, not just after they buy the car, but during the whole purchasing process. Massachusetts consumers have a lot of protections and it is important to know what they are, especially when making a purchase as big as a car.  A car is a major investment and buyers should know their rights.

The program highlights what some of those protections are, how to plan a budget, research the best car for your needs (new or used) and explains the state's Lemon Laws for both new and used vehicles.

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When I was checking out at my grocery store, the clerk pointed out that with my new chip-embedded credit card I could just tap a special icon on the signature pad instead of swiping my card. Will I be able to do this at all the stores where I shop at?

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