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During the first week in March, Consumers Empowered is joining with federal, state, and local government agencies and national organizations to celebrate National Consumer Protection Week (“NCPW”).  During NCPW, organizations provide tips and information that help consumers protect their privacy, manage money and debt, avoid identity theft, and avoid frauds and scams.  This year, Consumers Empowered is focusing on providing information about how to be an empowered consumer to organizations that assist underserved women. If you would like information about free educational resources and read blog posts from national consumer protection experts, we invite you to visit the NCPW website.
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Dear Consumer Gals,

I have been getting a lot of robo-calls for things like trips and credit repair.  I have caller ID, but sometimes it just show a city and phone number.  Is there some way I can get more information on the caller?.

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