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Presenting workshops to Basic Adult Learners on how to be an empowered consumer, giving a talk at a community center on how to avoid scams and protect your identity, leading a seminar on how to be an empowered car buyer – these are just some of the things that our donors have helped us accomplish this past year.  Keeping your identity safe, recognizing scams and advocating for your rights as a consumer are no longer easy tasks.  Consumers need help, especially the most vulnerable segments of our communities – seniors, people whose native language is not English, and the unemployed – to name just some. What Consumers Empowers strives to do is provide the education and opportunity for Massachusetts residents to learn how to make smarter and more informed purchasing decisions and how to protect against identity theft and fraud.  These workshops and seminars, along with our website, blog and printed materials help us do that, but you, our donors, are our best partners in educating Massachusetts residents.  Your gift allows us to reach out to those who may not otherwise be protected and empowered. We appreciate your continued support.

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I am in the process of purchasing a new refrigerator and stove.  The salesman is pressuring me to buy an extended warranty.  Is this a good idea?

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