How Consumers Empowered helps Massachusetts consumers
Consumers Empowered strives to improve your awareness so that you will know your rights and use them to your advantage, understand how to avoid fraud, and spot the tricks and traps that scammers and cyber criminals use. You need to know how to protect your personal information and privacy and prevent identity theft. We work to accomplish these goals through seminars and workshops, our website and blog, printed materials, public service announcements, and informational videos.

Latest News!  CEI Executive Director to retire
CEI Executive Director Cindy Matloff will retire on June 30th and announced that sadly the organization will be dissolved.  Marie Taylor and Cindy Matloff created CEI seven years ago. They were committed to educating consumers about their rights when buying goods and services, Internet Safety, and identity theft. Ms.Taylor designed the CEI website and Consumer Gals blog and Ms. Matloff went to work developing consumer literacy workshops for ESOL centers, HiSET programs, low income housing,

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